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If you’ve signed up for my seasonal newsletter, you might have seen a little mention of some new and exciting things coming to my business in 2013. Well, the biggest and most exciting change is currently in the works. My rebranding! Or as my friend Kaysha likes to call it, my “rebrandi-ing.” It’s corny, I know. And I LOVE it.

I’ve never been professionally branded before, my logo and website have always been designed by me. I’m no designer, but it’s seemed to work fine. Until now. Since I’ve decided to plunge into this full-time-wedding-photographer-thing head first, it’s about time I properly invested in it. So I found a crazy-talented designer, Ravyn Staddick of Three Fifteen Designs, to help me create a brand that is 100% me.

After months of research, internet scouring, and serious self-contemplation, I was finally ready to send her a pinterest board that I was proud of. From there we chatted about where I currently am with my business, and where I eventually want to be. We talked about my ideal bride; where she shopped, what she does on weekends, and what’s important to her. After our talk, I felt like Ravyn and I were on the exact same page. She knew me, my business, and the type of bride I want to attract.

From there she worked her magic, and came up with the design board you see below. My first reaction was, damn, she’s good. My second reaction was, this is SO me. Another part of the rebrandi-ing process was to come up with three words to describe my brand. Brownie points if you can guess what they are by looking at my design board.

So what do you think? Can you see me in this design?

Next up, my brand-spanking new logo!!! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with!!!

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Okay, last New York post, promise. Until I go back in the summer, of course. So I’ve decided: There’s pretty much no other city in America that can compare to New York. You have the food, ranging everywhere from street vendors to Philipino Gastropubs (yes, that’s a real place. And it BLEW MY MIND). You can’t really go wrong when you’re grubbin’ in NYC. Then there’s the people watching. It’s literally the one city in the US that you can find anyone, from anywhere. Everyone has a place here. It may be a 400 sq. ft. place, but it’s a place nonetheless. I can’t even begin to list the many other hundreds of reasons why I love it there. That’s a whole other blog post. I’ve decided that one of these days, I will live in New York. I don’t care when or how, all I know is that it will happen.

So, there were a few days during our trip that I bit the bullet and dragged my heavy camera along with me while exploring the city. It’s not often that I take my big camera along with me on trips (unless I’m working, of course). But this time I wanted to remember NYC in all it’s quirky glory. And sometimes an iPhone just wont cut it.

I also felt like this was the perfect excuse to try out some of my new VSCO 03 instant film presets. While shooting film can be fun, VSCO makes it way too easy to shoot digital images and add a film-y edge. I’ll mostly be using these new presets for personal stuff, since they are a bit too crazy to use on weddings. Either way, I am kind of loving the way they make these street photos so much more interesting. What do you think?

P.s. Most of these photos were taken in or around Chelsea, Central Park, Union Square, Madison Square Park, and the Met. Starting with the Madison Square Park farmer’s market…

New york city, irvine wedding photographer, orange county wedding photography

Union Square Park (in case you couldn’t tell)…


The Met (the George Bellows exhibit was my favorite)…

Central Park…

Hotdog triple fisting…

Chelsea Market (officially had the best hotdog of my life here. Yes, we like hotdogs. We are so classy)…

Said hotdog right there = insanely delicious!

High Line…


Most of these were from the day Will and I just walked. We didn’t really know where we were going, but it didn’t matter. I had fun snapping photos along the way and holding hands with my guy. Oh New York, I love you so. I would marry you if I could…sorry Will.

xoxo, Brandi

Last week Will and I flew to NYC for 5 days of food and fun. It’s pretty rare for me to get him out of the house for a vacation, especially since his workdays are the exact opposite from mine. But this time, all the stars aligned, and we were able to make it work. I also had to pull the “it’s my birthday” card on this one, since it’s coming up this week. WORKS.EVERY.TIME.

I brought my “big girl camera” with me, but that post will come later this week. For now I’m sharing some iPhone photos from the trip, and yes, they are mostly of food. What else do people do in New York besides eat and drink? However, I’m happy to say I didn’t gain a single pound, thanks to walking 5 miles a day, EVERYDAY. And yet, I loved every minute of it. Now I know why New Yorkers are in such good shape.;)

irvine wedding photographer, brandi welles, new york city, orange county wedding photography

Stick around for part II of my NYC trip.

Happy Tuesday!


I’ve been crossing the days off on my calendar and counting down the hours, anxiously awaiting for this day to arrive. Tonight, we hop on a red eye flight to the world’s GREATEST city, New York! The hubby and I will touch down ridiculously early on Valentine’s day morning, most likely exhausted as all hell, but definitely wide eyed and giddy nonetheless.

This is Will’s first time in the great city, and I am almost more excited to watch him experience it. Then again, I have been seriously jonesing for some greasy NYC cheese pizza since the last time I was there. We are staying with friends in their apartment in Chelsea, and I cannot wait to just follow them around the city like an eager puppy dog. This is the first time I’ve done ZERO planning for a vacation. Our only plan is to see where each day takes us. Of course there has still been talk of long brunches, sunny skies, shopping, plays in Brooklyn, and speakeasies…but we decided to forgo all of the stress of “planning” a vacation, and just experience it.

The part I look forward to the most is just walking the streets of NYC with my guy taking in all of the energy, sounds, and smells (even the not-so great ones). I normally don’t get super into the whole Valentine’s day hoopla, but I cannot think of a more romantic place to be, with my favorite person in the whole world.

So, goodbye Orange County, and hello New York!

 {Photo courtesy of the inter-webs, I will have lots of my own after the trip}

Another wedding season is upon us, and couples have begun scraping their pennies in order to afford the wedding of their dreams. As a wedding photographer, AND past bride, I know that finding vendors you really trust can be a difficult task. Many couples turn to their friend’s and family for referrals when choosing those important vendors who will be helping you make your dream day a reality. So this one is for those friends and family members, whose feedback can mean the world. You deserve a little something too…

Send a couple my way for wedding photography, and when they book, you get a free lifestyle or family session (shot by yours truly), and a $50 gift card to JCrew! It’s a win win for every one! Offer lasts until May 31st 2013 (in other words, the couple must book by that date).

*Photography session includes 30 minutes of shooting for up to 5 people at a field or park in Irvine, and 40 high res photos to print from.

Email: info@brandiwellesphotographer for more info!

Happy Tuesday!