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I hope everyone is having a beautiful Wednesday! I want to thank you all for sharing my new website on facebook and the interwebs. Your support means the WORLD and I am so grateful for those of you who even took the time to visit the site, let alone share it with others.

Today I get to announce the winners of my website re-launch giveaway, and I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

To recap, there were three awesome prizes for three winners. The hubby and I drew names randomly, and I have to admit, it was like Christmas morning for me. I just love being able to give back to you guys.

Winners of the giveaway are….(drumroll please)…….

  1. Cute Anthro travel kit :: Audrey Metcalf
  2. Haute Cakes Cafe gift card :: Jasmine Gregg
  3. Stumptown coffee & Anthro mug :: Candice Jordan

Winners will be emailed as well. If you still haven’t had a chance to check out the new site, now is your chance!

Happy Wednesday!!!


I stared out of the car window, sleepily watching the desert landscape fly by at 80 mph while listening to Howard Stern interview Jerry Seinfeld on the radio. We were on the first leg of our road trip home from a fun weekend in Las Vegas with friends, and it was the only thing keeping me from dozing off in the backseat. It was by far one of the best interviews I had heard in a while. Jerry Seinfeld ‘s philosophies on marriage, his comedy career, and life were all very poignant. But there was one quote in particular that really hit home…

“Find the torture you’re comfortable with.”  

Other than thinking, hey, that’s a pretty great quote, I didn’t really analyze it much further than that.

Rewind to the beginning of this year: With every new year comes the hope of a successful and thriving wedding season. Eyes aglow with excitement for the weddings already booked, and hopes high for more and more amazing clients to keep me busy throughout the season. Now it’s about to get real up in here. This year did not happen the way I had planned it. Yes, I booked weddings, and they were all so wonderful and my clients were so amazing. BUT, I was nowhere near my booking goal for the year, and as the months flew by, I started to realize it just wasn’t going to happen. Not even close.

This is where disappointment began to settle in.

Being a full time photographer was starting to become more difficult than I ever could have imagined. I no longer had that part time job to fall back on, and in turn my self-esteem lowered even more when I couldn’t help out as much with the bills. My self-doubt was at an all time high. Is this really what I was meant to do?

As the year pushed on, I made it a point to set my self-doubt aside, and spend my time maintaining my business and the relationships I had established with my current couples. Ensuring that I was doing everything in my power to give them the best service I knew how. In doing so, I realized that I was no longer worrying about booking more weddings. I was content knowing that the couples I did have, trusted me.

Back to Jerry Seinfeld. This past week had some moments of excitement and some not so much, and as I strapped myself in for another emotional roller coaster, I suddenly remembered Jerry’s quote: find the torture you’re comfortable with. Life began coming back into perspective. This year has been full of ups and downs, but I am still standing, still passionate, still eager, still in love with what I do. There are moments of torture, as with anything worth loving. Most of that torture being in the form of my own self-doubt. Even so, there’s a fire inside of me that burns for what I do…for the couples that I care so much about and the desire to create.

As I sit here writing this, my hope is that I can look back on this moment and know that even though it seems insufferable at times, the joy I get from doing what I love is a torture that I am truly comfortable with.





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I have been counting down the days until the relaunch of my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!! Well, that day has finally come and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! It’s been a long journey, with many bumps along the road, but I am so happy to to say that everything came together perfectly! None of this could have been possible without the amazing Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design, who was able to make all of my crazy dreams for this website into a reality. She really captured the feeling and aesthetic I wanted to evoke when people visited my new site. Her talents are truly appreciated.:)

Now comes the fun part! With the new site in full swing, I’m really hoping to get my business in front of more people. This my friends, is where YOU come in. People helping people. That’s what it’s all about.

Giveaway details:

One of my favorite features of the new site is the Things I Love section. When it came to choosing the prizes for this giveaway, I really wanted to offer people something practical, yet still reflective of the new site. So, I continued with the Things I Love theme and decided to give away some of my favorite things to YOU! There are THREE prizes, and one person will be drawn (at random) for each prize. I will be choosing the winners on Tuesday, August 20th, and notifying them via email.

The Prizes:

I love Coffee:

One winner will receive a bag of my favorite brew, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, along with one of these super cute mugs from Anthropologie to enjoy it with.

I love Travel:

Travel is another one of my favorite things, and this winner will get this adorable Travelogue from Anthro to document your adventures with. It includes eight miniature scratch maps, room for journaling and insightful tips.

I love Breakfast:

Last but certainly not least, one person will get a $30 gift card to my favorite Costa Mesa breakfast establishment, Haute Cakes! Remember to order the American Scramble – it will not disappoint!

How to enter:

  1. Visit the new site and let me know what you think in the comment section below!
  2. Click here to subscribe to my seasonal newsletter. No spam ever, just four emails a year containing awesome promotions, studio news, and other useful tools for the future.
  3. Share my new website with others on Facebook! All you need to do is link to my Facebook business page with a link to the new site, or this blog post. Easy peasy!

Once you have completed all three of these steps, you will automatically be entered to win! Just make sure to enter no later than Monday, August 19th by 12am!



I hope you all love the site as much as I do and as always, THANK YOU for your continued support!!!



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Lara and Jesse’s San Clemente wedding was the perfect combination of fun, relaxation, and love. What more can you ask for in a wedding day? Oh wait, I know, cute details! The icing on the wedding cake. A few of my favorites had to be the succulent terrariums, adorable L+J pins, and sunglasses for the guests to wear. All of these elements were the perfect compliment to their beachy backdrop and casual vibe.

I loved second shooting this wedding with Kaysha. As always her couples know how to put on a great party. Here are a few of my favorites from Lara and Jesse’s big day…


This photo (below) cracks me up every time I see it. Kaysha was standing behind the couple when these birds flew over, and she yelled for me “get the shot with the birds!” while she ducked behind the couple. Needless to say I got the shot….with the birds in focus, not the couple. FAIL. Even so, I kind of like the way it turned out. Reminds me of a scene from The Birds. End of story.

How stinkin’ cute is this cake?

Thanks again Kaysha for letting me second shoot Lara and Jesse’s wedding with you! For a list of the awesome vendors involved with their day, check out Kaysha’s blog post.

Happy Tuesday!!!