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To Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and back.

It’s Seattle Week here on the blog, and while for most people it’s not nearly as cool as “Shark Week” and “Fashion Week,” for me it is even cooler. A few weeks ago I went on a ten day trip to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz to shoot weddings. Between the two weddings I was able to visit friends, eat WAY too much amazing food, drink like a pirate, and explore a little taste of what these wonderful cities have to offer.

Makes you think, I’m kinda insanely lucky to have a job that allows for such experiences.:) To top it all off, I was also able to take one of my very good friends, Kaysha, with me on the trip, making it that much more memorable.

Some highlights for me were:

- Seeing some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever experienced.

- Eating my weight in ridiculously good food. The list is never ending…almost like my waist size after the trip.;)

- Best seafood EVER. This of course deserves it’s own bullet point. Case in point: clam chowder, crab, fish and chips, and sushi that’s so fresh and delicious it makes you cry (if you don’t believe me, ask Kaysha).

- Catching up with friends that I hardly ever get the chance to see.

- One word: COFFEE.

- Three words: TOP POT DOUGHNUTS.

- Picking and eating abundantly wild blackberries

- Bar hopping and tasting some absurdly good cocktails, which oddly all seemed to be infused with lavender or ginger.

- Going to a biergarten in San Francisco and running into random people that I know.

- Meeting lots of new friends and chatting with the locals.

- Picking fresh lavender (see I told you, there’s lavender everywhere!) and lavender ice cream at a farm outside of Seattle.

- Wine tasting in Woodinville, WA.

- Vintage shopping and Powell’s book store in Portland.

- Bourbon/coffee and hortcha flavored ice cream at Salt and Straw in Portland has officially ruined me for any other ice cream.

- And of course, getting lots of fresh air and beautiful sceneries in every direction you turn.

Some of my least favorite moments:

- One word: PARKING.


- United Airlines and SFO airport. Enough said.

- Packing….and then re-packing….and then packing again (see below).

- Most of all, missing Will and my furry children.

This is where I share with you some photos from my trip. However, I must preface this by pointing out that right after I left Seattle and headed to Portland, I didn’t pull out my big girl camera again for the rest of the trip (except to shoot a wedding, of course). Thanks to instagram and my beloved iPhone for filling in the blanks.


Lavender farm outside of Seattle, on the other side of the Pudget Sound:

Riding the ferry on the Pudget Sound back to Seattle:

Wine tasting in Woodinville, WA:

{This photo of my feet is for Will and his distaste for foot-photos}




Happy Labor Day weekend!!! xoxo

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  • Kaysha - How did I miss this post?!?!?! Ahh such a fun trip, thanks for brining me along! :) ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie E. - Brandi, I was raised in Woodinville… Lived there for 17 years and my parents are still there. Isn’t it awesome! :-) ReplyCancel

Seattle Ilama Farm Wedding | Margo + Josh

Yep, you heard it right. Margo and Josh got married on a LLAMA FARM. And I’ve got to say, it was one of the cutest darn weddings I’ve ever photographed. However, I don’t really think the llamas had much to do with that. Even though they are pretty darn cute, they are also a little scary. Apparently they enjoy eating flowers…out of bride’s hair. Yeah.

Enough about llamas! Margo and Josh are two of the most sincere and kind people you will ever meet. But because they live in Seattle, we didn’t actually meet until the day before the wedding (unless you count Skype?). Honestly, I had no idea what to expect as I got on a plane from Orange County to Seattle. All I knew was that I was going to Seattle to shoot a wedding. And that information alone was good enough for me. But when I finally met them and their two adorable little boys face to face, I knew we would be BFF’s forever (okay maybe in my mind). Josh and I were both servers at Buca di Beppo (for much longer than I would care to admit) and that right there is instant bonding material. Then there’s Margo, a quiet and sweet soul with a warm heart and welcoming smile. Like I said, I REALLY REALLY adore these guys. And their families were just as lovely.

Their wedding was just icing on the cake. On what HAD to be one of the hottest most beautiful days of the year (especially for Seattle’s standard’s), their wedding was chalk full of bright colored hawaiian inspired florals and of course my personal favorite, gray chevron (see my website). Not to mention all of the adorable DIY touches made by Margo, her mom, and her aunt. I really can’t get enough of Margo and Josh and their darling wedding. In fact, I may just have to move to Seattle to get some more of these weddings. I just need to figure out how to convince Will. ;-P

Then there was the traditional Chinese lion dance. Which pretty much ruined me for all other weddings that DON’T have a lion dance.;)

Margo and Josh, thank you so much for letting me capture your day. You are both amazing people and parents, and now you get to share your life together as husband and wife. I know you will make every moment count.

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  • Kaysha - Margo and Josh were the best! Such a beautiful and fun wedding!! Great photos as always! :) ReplyCancel

Villa Del Sol Fullerton Wedding | Silvia + Nick

Well, after ten days of traveling, two destination weddings, and a perfectly stretched stomach (thank you, Northwestern cuisine), it’s time to get back to the grind. And what better way to do so then feature Silvia and Nick’s fabulous Villa Del Sol wedding!

These two are just wonderful. Here’s why: Like most weddings, there were some less-than ideal circumstances (95 degree weather and missing flowers AND mariachi band), but inspite of all that, Silvia and Nick were all smiles and just over the moon to marry each other. Of course with the incredible hands-on coordination by Dena David at Villa del sol, those little unexpected hiccups were just that, and in the end, their day was absolutely flawless. I am so thankful they chose me to document it.

I was super stoked to have the incredibly talented Evelyn Lui of Serene Bridal Beauty on Silvia’s AH-MAZING hair and makeup. She’s a true artist.

A big congrats to this beautiful couple! May your life together be full of love and laughter, despite the hiccups.


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Out of the office: Traveling north

It’s been an insanely awesome summer so far. I’ve been shooting, editing, and working like a madwoman (hence, my lack of blogging). This summer has seriously FLOWN by. And speaking of flying, I’m headed out to the northwest tomorrow to shoot weddings in Seattle, WA and Santa Cruz, CA. My good friend and fellow photographer, Kaysha, will be joining me (perks of having talented friends who work in the same field as you), and so we are going to make a trip out of it.

I can’t wait to go back and explore the great city of Seattle a little more than just driving through on my way to Canada like I did a few years back. Then from Seattle we’ll be driving to one of my favorite cities, Portland! After a few days there visiting friends, we are heading to San Francisco for a day. Then it’s off to Santa Cruz for another wedding! Phew. I am so excited to eat some amazing food, see some old friends, explore the city, and shoot a couple of awesome destination weddings. You can count on a full recap when I return, as well as plenty of instagrams in the meantime.;)

Of course I’ll be missing my little family like crazy, but I’m not sure they can say the same for me since this is Will’s only chance to watch lots of boring documentaries and eat all the pizza he wants (don’t act like it’s not true, honey).

See you in ten days!!!


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The week, according to my iPhone.

July is one of my favorite months. You have the Fourth of July, baseball games, lazy days at the pool, fruity cocktails and lots and LOTS of weddings. Plus, being in the sun all the time is the perfect excuse to wear a hat and avoid having to style my hair everyday. Yes, I AM that lazy.:P

Highlight of the week: Perfecting my sangria recipe. Well, I guess throwing a bunch of juice, fruit, wine, and booze into a pitcher doesn’t really qualify as a “recipe” per se, but last time my random concoction turned about pretty friggin delicious, if I do say so myself!

Here’s a little glimpse into the week, according to my iPhone photos…

Have a great week! xo

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