motherhood portraits




It all started in 2014…

When I became a mother myself. I felt a shift in my life and career and knew that I wanted to do something to honor this unique journey. As a photographer, the best way I knew how to do this is through imagery. I strongly believe there is a need in our world for more honest/raw accounts of motherhood and through this work I hope to create a sense of empowerment and gratitude surrounding it. For me, this journey is so much more than smiling faces at a camera. It’s even more valuable to include the tired eyes, sparks of joy, vulnerability, intimacy, chaos, and every emotion in between. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and see yourself through a different lens, one of admiration, beauty, and love. Give yourself this gift with honor and delight because these moments fade away all too quickly (photo of my daughter and I by Victoria Gloria).



where & when

Motherhood portrait sessions are currently offered 2-3x per year and the dates are selected by me in advance. The next date for these sessions will be Saturday, Febuarary 16, 2019. They will take place at my studio in Downtown LA (Fashion District). The address is 1206 Maple St. Los Angeles, 90015 Suite 612.

pricing and what’s included

All sessions are $275 and payment is required upfront to reserve your spot. This price includes 10-15 mins of shooting, a private online gallery with 15-20 high resolution digital downloads, film style editing (including black and white images), and an online store for ordering prints.

When will i receive my images?

Expect a 3 week turnaround for your images which will be delivered to you via an email invitation to your online gallery.

what do i wear?

These portraits are very organic in nature and will take place against a clean backdrop with natural lighting in order to really highlight the emotion and interaction between you and your babe(s). It’s suggested to match this look by sticking to a soft neutral color palette (think cream, gray, beige, and earthy tones). Subtle prints and patterns also photograph beautifully. Wear comfortable and moveable fabrics and please stay away from logos as it distracts from the gorgeous subject matter (that’s you).

How to book

Click here to book your session. Select your preferred time from the list (if it’s not listed it’s no longer available). You will then be directed to provide your name and email, then your credit card info for a secure check out. When booking is complete you will receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Cancellation policy

Unfortunately, I will not be issuing refunds for cancellations or no shows. I do understand things happen, kids don't cooperate, etc. and so you are always welcome to swap your timeslot with another client or give your spot to someone else (please email me as soon as you know so I can do my best to help you find someone to swap times with). If you will be late, please show up anyway. I can usually squeeze you in between shoots, although I cannot guarantee you will get a full 10-15 mins. If you are going to be late, please send me a text message to let me know. Plan to arrive early to give yourself ample time to park and walk to the studio. Each session is booked back-to-back and we will begin promptly at your scheduled time.

managing expectations

In the truest fashion of motherhood, nothing ever goes the way that we plan it. So I wanted to take this time to give you gentle reminder that these sessions were not designed to be cheesy portraits of everyone smiling at the camera. My goal is to create imagery that is intimate and real so you can look back on these photos and actually feel what it was like to be a mother in this moment of your life. Instead of placing expectations on what this experience should look like, I encourage you instead to embrace every situation as it is.



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