The lovely Miss Kaysha | Portrait

Hopefully you remember one of my more recent posts with those FABULOUS photos of me taken by the talented Miss Kaysha Weiner? Well, I am SUPER excited to return the favor and finally post the photos I took of her! Kaysha has been one of my closest friends during the last few years.  Her laugh and animated facial expressions helped get me through some of my roughest college days.  We have shared so many incredible memories together, traveling to Europe, being roommates, photography partners, co-workers, and avid food junkies :).  She is also one of my bridesmaids, and has been amazingly helpful with all of the planning during these hectic months.

Kaysha and I obviously share many similar interests, and our love for photography has been one of our biggest mutual passions.  So when she asked me to photograph her for website and blog, I was like, "Ummm YES!!!! Wait, why have we never done this before?"

But let me just say that I've seen Kaysha do her thing behind the lens many times, but once I pointed the camera back at her it was like she had been modeling her whole life!! She worked it like it pro! Of course being naturally gorgeous helps too. ;)

There's that face I know and love!

Okay, model!

I LOVE this sequence! It completely sums her up!!


Work it girl!

This was such a fun shoot!!! Kaysha, I can't wait to see your career and our friendship blossom in the years to come!!! You are truly one of a kind. Don't ever change!

For more of Kaysha's work, check out her awesome blog.