Our camping-themed engagement photos!!!

It all started with the location...from there everything just fell gracefully into place. Lake Arrowhead.  Just a few miles from our wedding venue and keeping with the woodsy-rustic outdoor theme like that of our actual wedding.  From there a camping themed engagement session only seemed natural.  After running it by Kaysha [the amazing photographer and bridesmaid-to-be] we got pumped and hatched a plan of execution.

At first there was talk of grizzly bear costumes and bowling alleys [don't ask], but after working out the logistics of it all, we stuck to keeping it simple yet different. A tent, plaid, hiking boots, and some serious P.D.A is all it took in the end to deliver the awesomest [i don't care if that's not a word, okay?] engagement photos I [personally] have ever seen!

Of course it's not all about the aesthetics, there's a sentiment to it as well.  As a kid, I remember some of my happiest moments with my family being while we were on camping trips together.  There's just something really comforting about the smell of pine, campfires, and chili dogs [the perfect camping food] that takes me way back to my more adventurous years.

I know your probably wondering where Will fits into all this since it is OUR engagement photos and all, but to be completely honest, he didn't have much of a say in the whole thing.  Once I muttered the words "camping" he was game [if you knew him you would know that he doesn't normally need much convincing]. From there it was all Kaysha's talented photography skills that really displayed Will and I's ummmm.....unique[?] relationship. ;)

I'm still in disbelief at how perfectly smooth the whole experience was.  We really didn't have any clue where we were going as far as location went, our only plan was to drive until we found inspiration.  And boy did we find it!!!

How great are these lumberjack beards from Etsy??!! We're totally sporting them at the wedding too!!!

My absolute favorite of the day!!!!

I was very impressed at how comfortable Will was in front of the camera.  For being a fairly shy guy, he worked it like nobody's business!

We scored big time finding this fantastic view over-looking the city.  Kaysha took full advantage and whipped out her flash and composed these gorgeous shots!!!!  Genious!!!

Will and I couldn't be happier with the way our engagement photos worked out, and it's all thanks to Kaysha and her incredible expertise behind the lens! Next I will be showing off some more of her and my other bridesmaids mad skills from my bridal shower last week! Your socks will officially be knocked off!

I have the world's most talented friends!!! :)

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