Elena & Jeremiah | Palos Verdes Wedding

The day couldn't have been more perfect.  The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. An ocean breeze cooled you down right before it started to get too warm.  Ahhhhh, Elena and Jeremiah's wedding was a dream.  Elena's family offered their beautiful Palos Verdes beach home that rests right on top of a cliff over-looking the ocean as the site for both the wedding ceremony and reception. Everything about this wedding made me swoon.  The crisp beachy whites, the groomsmen's sailor stripped suits, the sunny yellow bridesmaid dresses, and with all of the gorgeous people in the wedding it was difficult to not post so many photos [guilty].

Oh. I almost forgot to mention, a good portion of Elena's family is from Spain, and boy can they cook! Her father catered all of the tasty food, even the cake, which was by FAR one of my most favorite wedding cakes of all time!!! I can almost taste it now...poppy seed and lemon...mmmmmmmm.........

Anyway, back to the photos...

Marcella and I spilt up to photograph the "getting ready" part of the day.  I hung out with the guys, who were quite entertaining to say the least...

Jeremiah was the only one wearing a bow-tie. Unfortunately, nobody there actually knew how to tie a bow-tie. So they did when any normal person would do, whipped out the iphone and youtubed it, duh.

Elena's father was beaming the entire day. Love him. :)

I love this one. Elena was simply STUNNING.  My camera couldn't get enough of her!

How gorgeous are Elena's bridesmaids?? It's just not fair I tell ya.


How cute is the violin player? I could've rolled him up in a little ball and took him home with me. For reals.

Elena and her sister...such beauties.


Such a great time with an incredible couple!!! Thanks Elena and Jeremiah for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding day! Oh and thanks for the cake. ;)