Happiness is...

We are approaching the end of 2010 and when I look back on the pure insanity that was this year, one perfect word comes to mind: Happiness. Yes, it's been a stressful, crazy, hormonal, edge-of-your seat kind of year, but at the same time, it's been wonderful.  Who can say they've graduated college, became an aunt, watched some of her best friends get married, then got married herself, and got bangs all in one year!?!?! That's me baby. It's all or nothin'.

At this time in my life I am exactly where I want to be.  Maybe it's not exactly how I invisioned it when I was ten years old and role playing with my barbies, but it is pretty darn close.  Today as I walked Suki to the park near our house, I started to reflect on all of those little things that make me feel so lucky to be alive.  Whether it be Will and I's unhealthy obsession with "How I met your Mother" and Neil Patrick Harris (have you HEARD him sing?!?!), Suki and Pickle wrestling on the bed while we are trying to sleep, waking up early to the smell of turkey bacon and eggs, dancing and lip syncing to Lady Gaga with my little sisters, or just enjoying a hot cup of coffee with my closest friends.

With these things in mind I am able to reflect on all that has happened this past year, and I just smile remembering those little moments are what allows me to keep life in perspective.