Part Three: Danielle & Tommy's Wedding


This last post is all reception photos!  We had so much fun with this group that the reception deserved its own post.

This cake fight was brutal. I don't think anyone won this battle.

My FAVORITE part of this wedding (and probably everyone else's for that matter) was the crepe stand!!! What a great idea!!! And sooooooooo delicious!!! :) A couple after my own heart.

What?! A trick bouquet??? Yep, that's right...Danielle not only made one girl a future bride-to-be, she made several!

I was dying during the garter toss when Tommy pulled out a pair of Spiderman undies from underneath Danielle's dress!! I will admit that I created my own version of the surprise garter toss at my wedding after seeing this (pictures to come).  Like I said before, these two are not your typical couple. :)

The photo below was taken by Marcella, but I loved it so much I just HAD to post it!!!

Danielle and Tommy's wedding was such a blast and was very unique.  We had such a great time with this group!  Thanks again Danielle and Tommy for letting us photograph your day!!! We wish you both a long life filled with love and happiness!

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