Thanksgiving and new family.

Thanksgiving. My second favorite holiday of the year right behind Christmas. Who can argue that the combination of stuffing, pumpkin pie, football, chilly weather and your entire family fighting over the turkey wish bone, can be anything but cheerful?

However, this year is different.  I'm a married woman now, and as the newest member of the Lemon clan, I am obligated to spend holidays with both families. So this Thanksgiving my new hubby and I will be spending it with his side.

When I first  realized that this would be my first time spending Thanksgiving as a married couple with Will's family, panic began to ensue. My brain immediately replayed a scene out of Meet the Parents when Ben Stiller's character pops a bottle of champagne, and the cork accidentally smashes the china carrying the ashes of his father-in-law's dead mother. People, this is my life.

I can picture it now- we are all sitting around a beautiful cornucopia of food when I am asked by Will's mother to give the blessing.  My heart begins to pound out of my chest as I run through my memory bank of TV lines from cheesy old sitcoms, you know, the ones where the dad always gives a memorable prayer filled with emotion and wisdom. And clapping.  But the pressure makes my mind go blank, and the only words my mouth can form is a mumbled version of, thankyouGodforalloftheyummyfoodamen.

These judgmental nightmares are not uncommon for me.  But throughout the years, one thing has changed. I get to wake up next to the comfort of Will's feet touching mine, and in that moment all of those terrifying thoughts just seem to fade off into the night.

So on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my new husband and the new family that I've recently acquired. Because I know that even if I do say the wrong things, burn the pumpkin pie, or ruin Thanksgiving completely, my new family would still love and accept me regardless. And THAT my friends, is what the holidays are all about.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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