Marcella Treybig | Portrait of a Photographer

There are two reasons why I am very excited to post these images. The first is because of the adorable puppies you see below, Pakololo and Desmund; and the second is because they are of one of my very best friends and fellow photographers Marcella Treybig. I remember the first time I met Marcella....I instantly knew she would be one of my favorite people in the world because she laughed at of my jokes.  And not just that awkward giggle that most people fake to make you feel better- she laughed SO hard and loud that she punched me in the arm. Several times. And it hurt. Bad. As our friendship evolved, and I realized the punching was meant to be a friendly thing, I also discovered that we had a ton in common. The two of us have done everything together from hitching a camper to the back of her car and hitting the road to Canada, to photographing weddings. And even though we have only been friends for a few years, it's clear that she has been more than a good friend, she's family.

Marcella has been a Maid of Honor at my wedding and one of the most important people in my life.  And yes, she still punches me every time I say something funny. So as you can assume, I have many bruises. ;)

I was so in love with this alley. Throw a wide angle lens in there and viola- AMAZINGNESS!

Since we photographed in Old Town Orange, there were plenty of little antique stores with old furniture sitting outside to browse by.

Puppy time!!! :)

Desmund (in the background) can be a little camera shy.  My dog, Suki, adores Desmund and they are the best of friends.  Those two can run around chasing each other through the house for hours without stopping! Marcella and I try to get "the kids" together as often as possible for some quality play time.

There was some great light coming in through the patio of this little cafe, and I just had to get me some of that goodness before the sun disappeared behind the buildings.

Once the sun was gone, we switched gears and went for a Chilly Day in the City vibe.

I love all the little twinkle lights in these shots...don't they feel so holiday-esque? Yeah. I totally made that word up.

I really love playing with available light to see what kind of shots can be created.  This spotlight made for some cool dramatic shots that I really loved.  As much as I adore soft milky light- there's just something really edgy about harsh direct light that makes the photo that much more interesting for me.

I wish I could photograph all of my friends.  It's just feels great to get behind the lens and make images that reflect my perspective of them.

Marcella, you are beautiful, in every sense of the word. I'm so grateful to have your friendship in my life and I wish you nothing but the best in your life, love, and photography ventures. Even though you are moving to the opposite side of the country this Summer, you will always be family to me.

Love you!