Remnants of 26...

My 27th birthday came and went this week and yeah, that's right, I am only three years away from the big three-oh!  As weird as it sounds, I am oddly excited about turning 27.  Well, maybe not about the impending wrinkles and slowing metabolism, but I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to what this year holds for me.  Twenty-six was a wild roller coaster, and while it was fun (at times) it all went by so fast that I hardly got to enjoy it.  Some of my favorite highlights of year twenty-six are as follows... - Graduating college

- Interning for the amazing Becker (one of the many wedding photographers I admire)

- Planning my wedding

- Getting married (duh)

- Moving to Irvine and getting a two-bedroom apartment (hey, in Orange County this is an achievement)

- Being apart of two of our closest friends' wedding

- Shooting the first of many weddings with my good friend and fellow photographer, Marcella Treybig.

- Going on our honeymoon in Hawaii for the first time ever!

- And of course, celebrating our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. :)

As you can see, twenty-six was packed full of amazing experiences that I will carry with me for years to come.  But twenty-seven, I've got different plans for you.  Plans to sit back and enjoy married life and really focus on my career.  I have a long list of "things to achieve by the time I'm thirty," so twenty-seven, it's time to get crackin'.