The Weekly Collective: Twelve years of joy.

My memory has been bad lately. Like, REALLY bad.  I don't know if it's the overwhelming amount of things I currently have going on, or it's just me, getting old. I'm only twenty-seven so let's hope it's the first option. Point is, lately I've been having to refer to my iPhone photos in order to remember the past week and what I did. See, I told you. BAD. Maybe I should start taking Ginko? In other news... My littlest sister, Megen, had her 12th birthday this week.  We (my family, Will and I) spent the whole day spoiling her by going to the beach and then to her favorite Italian restaurant, Luigis, for dinner that night. A little about my sister Megen: She has a personality that most adults can't compete with. She's the most easy going, happy, creative, sweet, compassionate, giving, and free spirited little kid I have ever met.  Of course I love all of my siblings equally, but she is the one person I know who would give the shirt off of her back for a stranger. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGEN!! Thank you for giving me twelve years of silliness, smiles, trips to the beach, tickle fights, sleepovers, dance parties, and all of the other things you do that bring such joy into my life. It's has been such a pleasure watching you grow into such a beautiful spirit.

Here are a few photos from our day at the beach...

{From left: Will and Joshie building a fort, the birthday girl smiling for the camera, and little Joshie letting us bury him in the sand}

Later on this week I went to a heavy metal concert. No, really...I did. You may remember Will's cousin Sean from my last post? Well, he also happens to be the drummer in a heavy metal band called Sorizon, and he invited us to their show at the Galaxy on Thursday.  As you may have already assumed by now, I am not really big heavy metal lover. I mean, I respect the music, I even get the whole idea behind it, you just won't find me moshing on the floor of a Iron Maiden concert, that's all. I'm more of a mellow-guitar-strumming-men with long hair and raspy voices-type girl. :) But, I honestly will say, I really enjoyed the show. Especially the bands rendition of "Heartbreaker" originally by Pat Benetar. It was seriously awesome.

{This photo of Sean rocking out on the drums was actually taken by Will. I didn't get close enough for a good photo so he did the honors for me.}

Last but not least, I just wanted to let everyone know ("everyone" being the three people who actually read my blog every week) that I still haven't watched the finale of Masterchef, even though I'm pretty sure it aired last week. SO, ignoring the fact that I am SUPER late in saying this and it's actually quite irrelevant since the winner has already been announced, I still want to give a shout out to my boy Adrian, who absolutely BETTER have won, because if not, I'll be on dish-duty all week, and that is NOT cool.

Happy Monday night/ almost Tuesday. Yes, I was late this week, but give me a break it's been a busy week. :P