Drew & Erik | Malibu Anniversary Session

Drew and Erik had their one year anniversary this month, and what better way to celebrate the first year of marriage than with some new photos of the two of them to hang up in their home! As you will soon see, Miss Drew has FABULOUS style, so naturally we had to shoot at a trendy little shopping center in Malibu called the Malibu Lumber Yard. Oh, and in case you didn't already know from reading my blog before, I just absolutely adore these two more than words can explain...and not just because they are completely adorable, but because they  just happen two of our closest friends! We've shared so many wonderful experiences together, two of them being our weddings.  Their wedding was just over a month before Will and I's, so yes, that means WE will soon be celebrating our one year anniversary!!! But enough about me, time to meet the totally-awesome-splendiforous-cutie-pie Ankerman's! :)

Drew, you are ah-mazingly beautiful...or as Erik would say, "a total piece." ;)

Erik working his charms on Drew.  And from the looks of it, it still seems to work...

A little back story: Drew is originally from Tennessee, and when she first moved out to California, she lived in LA for a bit.  Her and Erik used to take trips to the Malibu Lumber Yard, and they would always stop at Crumbs and share a cupcake.  So of course we had to get a cupcake and do a little reminiscing...

LOVE this moment.  It's 100% them.

Erik, you are quite the handsome young chap...but you already know this.

On our way to our next location, we passed Pepperdine University, where they had hundreds of American flags raised in honor of the victims of 9-11.  Pretty amazing.

Malibu Creek State Park + sunset + a rad couple + my camera = My happy place. :)

Did I not tell you she a had great style?

Happy one year anniversary to my two favorites "schweeties!" Love you both to pieces.