Weekly Collective: Labor day, family, and making every moment count...

This week I was reminded of how precious each moment is.  I found myself doing nothing more than working this week. In fact, eating Chipotle for dinner and watching Dexter on Friday night was pretty much the highlight of my week. Pathetic? Well, that all depends on who you're asking. Then came the weekend. I've had weddings for the past three weekends in a row, and while it's been really rewarding, awesome and fun, it's also been a bit hectic as well. Leaving not much time for myself, friends, the hubby or my family. So when I had this Sunday off, I made sure I spent it with the ones I love. My grandpa is also having his 81st birthday this week, so we all got together for some BBQing, golf (he has a putting green in his backyard), and quality time together.

{Me, Gramps, and little Joshie}

{Will & Suki watching all the excitement}

We usually have several of our furry family members at our get togethers. Of course they all seem to congregate around me. I must have give off that I-love-to-be-slobbered-on-vibe.

{Suki, Faith, Mocha and I}

{Autumn, Jaide, Joshie, and Megen hanging out in the hammock}


{The guys gettin' their golf on}

{Joshie helping himself to some frosting}

{Joshie & Mocha}

If you live in Southern California, and were outside at all on Sunday night, right before the sun went down, there's no way you missed the incredible sunset that lit up the horizon. It reminded me how beautiful life is, and every second we have on this earth should be admired and appreciated, like this sunset...

...and like being there to watch my grandpa blow out his candles on his 81st birthday...

Every moment counts. Spend it with the ones you love.

Happy Tuesday!