Weekly Collective: Getting my feet on the ground.

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last Weekly Collective post. I have to admit, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off for a few weeks there. I was planning my best friend's bridal shower, shooting weddings, working at the restaurant, and my other job. I was starting to spread myself a little thin. But all of that was thwarted the day of the bridal shower, when I clumsily sprained my foot while setting up furniture. Although I had so much help from everyone involved, my inner control freak couldn't help from imagining everything that could possibly go wrong and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Panic began to ensue. Suddenly I was completely helpless, not able to walk anywhere, stuck with a huge bag of ice on top of my foot watching everyone rush around trying to make my vision a reality. In the end of course, everything worked out beautifully. Thanks to everyone's help and support, we were able to give Marcella an incredible bridal shower. The next day I sat on my couch. All day. I couldn't walk, drive, work, or go the gym. My life instantly came to a screeching halt. And I sat. I had no choice but to allow myself to be vulnerable until my foot started to heal. At first, it KILLED me. But as I sat there watching movies, icing my foot, getting served my meals, and having my friends and family come visit and hang out with me, I actually started to relax, and God forbid, enjoy it. :) I started to think that maybe this whole thing had happened for a reason. Maybe I was pushing my body in ways that it wasn't meant to be pushed, and this was it's way of telling me to stop. And sit.

Anyway, here I am a week later, my foot is healing, and I'm already back to work and reality. As much as it inconvenienced my life, I'm still here. Surprisingly enough, the world didn't stop turning without me. Sometimes all it takes is a broken bone, a sprained foot, or some other inconvenient "disaster" to get your feet back on the ground, and realize a little set-back can turn into something positive.

So here's to having (both) feet on the ground again.

And because every post requires a photo, here's a group shot from Marcella's shower. More of these photos to come!!!

Happy Monday ya'll!!!