Weekly Collective: Changes

I have been a VERY bad blogger lately.  But I have a good excuse (at least I tell myself that in order to feel better).  I've been working hard re-designing my new website and blog that I am *hoping* to launch around the end of this month.  I am sooooo stinking excited about this new look! It really feels like a true representation of me and my business model. Besides all that, I have had some other things keeping me busy.  As you may know, the hubby and I recently had our one year anniversary, and we were lucky enough to spend Halloween weekend in Palm Springs at the super cool Ace Hotel! Here are a few shots from my iPhone from our little vacation where we did nothing but sit by the pool, sip cocktails, eat like kings, meet tons of new friends, and just relax and spend some quality time together. ;)

{To explain the creepy beard on Will, he was Joaquin Pheonix from the mockumentary I'm still here for Halloween}

In other news, I recently went for a little change in hair style and decided to get bangs. I'm still getting used to them but it's been fun to experiment with something new.

{Me with bangs!}

A few weeks ago Will, Suki and I got our photo taken for our Christmas cards by our very good friend and talented photographer, Kaysha (you may remember our engagement photos which she also took).  If you've been on Facebook lately, you've probably seen them all over my profile, but here's another one just in case you missed it (I'll be blogging all of them soon).

Until next time!!! xoxo