Inspiration Therapy.

I am a total sucker for New Years resolutions. One of the many I've set for myself this year (along with the usual get more organized, eat more vegetables, and read something other than fashion magazines and Facebook statuses) is to blog more. When I first started this blog I wanted to make it a point to not only focus on my photography, but also create a space for my writing (awkward as it may be) and let it tell a story about my life. I want my blog to be something I can show my kids when they are older and say, look how silly your mom was, dressing her dog up like a person.  So, I've decided to start another personal post relating to my life and the places, things, websites, blogs, and basically anything and everything that inspires me and makes me happy.  Personally, I've found that posts such as these happen to be my favorite reads on other blogs, so why not have some fun with it on my own blog? Today it's all about my favorite websites!  When I'm killing time on my computer, these websites/blogs are always my go-to bookmarks. I just can't get enough of these super addicting sites.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: 

My first and probably FAVORITE place online to find inspiration for everything a young modern gal can't get enough of such as recipes, fashion, and home design. Emily is a total style icon. This woman can make a sack of potatoes seem glamourous.

Design Sponge:

Ahhh the mother ship of inspiration.  Design Sponge is a widely known and adored website (and now book) that is all things design.  Interior design, DIY projects (that I always want to do but never get around to), shopping guides, guides for traveling, and entertaining. Not only am I super obsessed with this website and can spend HOURS of my day browsing away, but I've also recently purchased the book and it's mind blowing! Well, for design-conesuers like me anyway. :)


This website is great for just random creative brainstorming. It's similar to Pinterest (if you haven't heard of Pinterest, you MUST get with the times) in that it's just image bookmarking of random coolness. I like to browse this website for design, typography, art, and just anything artsy and unique. It's a great place to waste an hour of internet surfing.

Smitten Kitchen:

I don't cook often, and when I do it's either tuna fish and crackers, or something completely outside of my comfort level.  For me, cooking is something I do when I'm feeling a little Martha Stewart-esque. This does not happen often. So Will is the full-time cook of our house. But on rare occasions, I get an itch to get in the kitchen, and this website is my first stop for recipe ideas. Every dish I have made from this site has been FANTASTIC! I just love the homey, rustic, and fresh approach Deb uses while cooking in her tiny NYC apartment kitchen. Plus, the writing and photography is pretty darn amazing, which always helps. Some of my favorite recipes include her thick, chewy oatmeal cookies, pesto potato salad with green beans, pear cranberry and gingersnap crumble.

Happy Wednesday!!!