The week, according to my iPhone photos (snowed in)

This weekend we went on a little snowboarding excursion to Big Bear with our good friends Drew and Erik. I feel so spoiled living in Southern CA. We are right next door to everything, with the beach just a few minutes from us, and the mountains only an hour away. So whenever we get the chance to sneak away for a little snowboarding getaway, we are all over it! When we planned this trip we had no idea how the weather conditions would be. We just assumed since it was the end of the season we probably wouldn't get much fresh snowfall. Boy, were we wrong!!! We found out a few days before we left that there was going to be a big storm coming through on the same days that we planned our trip. We got super giddy for the fresh powder but made sure to pack lots of extra layers and head up early before the storm caught us on the drive up. Everything worked out as planned and right before we strapped our boards on, it started snowing. Hard. It continued to pour down the entire day (and weekend) covering the mountain in a thick blanket of white, giving us all the fresh powder we could ever dream of! Being a southern california girl born-and-raised, I had never even witnessed that much snow before. Let alone snowboarded in it. However, getting the chains on our car in the middle of a snowstorm afterwards- not so much.

Happy Monday!