Exploring Austin & one of my best friend's wedding.

I'm finally back to blogging after a whirlwind of a month! During my absence I was a very busy girl. One of my best friends, Marcella, got married in Texas just a couple of weeks ago!!! So I flew to Austin for a bachelorette week with the girls where we spent some time relaxing and exploring the city before her wedding. I instantly fell in love with Austin's buzzing energy and rich culture. The food, music and art scene, lush landscape, historic buildings, quirky (to put it lightly) people, and some of the best vintage shopping I've ever experienced. It's definitely on my top five list of the coolest cities in America that I've visited (so far). Austin is a little slice of southern heaven. Not a minute was wasted during our trip. Some highlights for me were bike riding along the river, gorging on tex-mex at the famous Chuy's, shopping along South Congress, rafting in the Guadelupe river, bar hoping with old friends, and driving around town soaking up the warm southern weather in our convertible. It was such a blast just being with my best friends and hanging out in a truly amazing city. I'm already bugging Will to go back. ;)

After a few days of exploring Austin, Will arrived in town and we drove out to the country side for Marcella's wedding in Brenham, TX. :)  Everything was so incredibly beautiful, from the blue bonnets growing along the road, to the big beautiful house turned bed and breakfast we stayed at during the wedding festivities. Marcella was a stunning bride - and every time I looked at her in her beautiful wedding dress - the waterworks started to flow.

I cannot believe how fast time has flown by since we were all just crazy young college girls living together at our creepy old art studio in Santa Ana. All of a sudden we are REAL women, with careers, and homes, and husband's or fiance's, and it's all just so amazing and surreal.  Marcella's wedding day was such a joyous occasion, and I am so happy for her and her new husband, Alex.

Next up, one of my other best friend Kaysha's wedding in November!!! I'm sure I will cry like a little baby on her day as well.

Even though I was a bridesmaid, I just couldn't help myself and HAD to snap a few iPhone photos on her wedding day:

Congratulations Marcella & Alex!!! I'm so happy for you both and your new life together as husband and wife. <3