Gaby + Brandon | California Center for the Arts Wedding Photographer

It has been such a pleasure getting to know Gaby and Brandon during their engagement, and getting to spend their wedding day with them was an even bigger honor. I'll just come out and say it...I'm crazy about these two. When I first met Gaby, she pulled out a photo of herself on Halloween dressed like Prince (and pulled it off quite perfectly might I add). I knew right then we would get along just fine. I met Brandon shortly after that and his charming personality won me over instantly. Not only is he a total gentlemen who will NOT let you sit in a chair until he pulls it out for you, but he also appreciates my awkward made-up songs that accidentally make their way out of my mouth while I'm shooting (it's not pretty). Instead of turning to each other and giving the "crazy" symbol that usually accompanies this behavior, Gaby and Brandon laughed and told me they do the same thing (probably a lot more in tune then I) at home to each other. And then it happened. Brandon sang me his version of "the sweat pants song," which I will not repeat here because I would probably get into some serious trouble. :) I'll just say one thing. It.Was.Amazing.

Since we're being all honest today, I'll throw a little more truth your way: I was actually kind of sad when their wedding day was over. Why? Because I secretly want to be best friend's with Gaby and Brandon. ;) There. I said it.

Now, for the prettiness that was their wedding day...

Gaby and Brandon had a traditional catholic ceremony...with a twist. They wanted to incorporate a little bit of Brandon's background into the ceremony, so after their first kiss they "jumped the broom," which is an African-American wedding tradition. Pretty neato.

I love that they had a mariachi band playing outside of the church after the ceremony. :)


The gorgeous Gaby and studly Brandon...

Gaby changed into an amazing sparkly-feather dress during the reception. Love!

Congrats you two!!! Don't think for one second that I forgot about our bowling night! ;)