Stylish + Modern Anniversary Session | Jenn + John

I've known Jenn since we were playing barbies in her parents garage and putting together dance routines to Ace of Base. Yes, we've been friends for THAT long, and no I don't care that you now know what a giant nerd I am. She was one of my best  friends growing up, and I could go on forever with awkward yet hilarious tales of our youth. But I'll spare myself the embarrassment, and stick with photos. Jenn and John got married four years ago, and the two of them are seriously the sweetest and most stylish couple I know. I was so honored when Jenn asked me to photograph them for their anniversary, and I just love every photo and wish I could post them all! But for now I'll just stick to a few of my favorites.

In case you were wondering, John is a RAD tattoo artist out of Fullerton, and most of Jenn's awesome body art is courtesy of her very talented husband. If I ever get a hankering for pain I know exactly where to go. Needless to say I'm a giant wuss so this will probably never happen. For now I will live vicariously through my brave friends. ;)

Loving her snake skin booties!!!

Love these two so much! Can't wait to take their ten year anniversary photos! :)