Rebrandi-ing // Sneak Peek

If you've signed up for my seasonal newsletter, you might have seen a little mention of some new and exciting things coming to my business in 2013. Well, the biggest and most exciting change is currently in the works. My rebranding! Or as my friend Kaysha likes to call it, my "rebrandi-ing." It's corny, I know. And I LOVE it. I've never been professionally branded before, my logo and website have always been designed by me. I'm no designer, but it's seemed to work fine. Until now. Since I've decided to plunge into this full-time-wedding-photographer-thing head first, it's about time I properly invested in it. So I found a crazy-talented designer, Ravyn Staddick of Three Fifteen Designs, to help me create a brand that is 100% me.

After months of research, internet scouring, and serious self-contemplation, I was finally ready to send her a pinterest board that I was proud of. From there we chatted about where I currently am with my business, and where I eventually want to be. We talked about my ideal bride; where she shopped, what she does on weekends, and what's important to her. After our talk, I felt like Ravyn and I were on the exact same page. She knew me, my business, and the type of bride I want to attract.

From there she worked her magic, and came up with the design board you see below. My first reaction was, damn, she's good. My second reaction was, this is SO me. Another part of the rebrandi-ing process was to come up with three words to describe my brand. Brownie points if you can guess what they are by looking at my design board.

So what do you think? Can you see me in this design?

Next up, my brand-spanking new logo!!! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with!!!