Links of (p)interest

I can spend countless hours on Pinterest pinning away things I will never actually do/try. Even so, I can't resist the urge to click on that little "pin it" icon at the top of my browser every time I see something cool. It's a disease. You never know, the day might actually come when I REALLY need to know how to braid my hair 17,000 different ways! And so, I pin. And I love every minute of it. And you are just lying to yourself if you can't admit to loving it too. It's science. Here are some pins that I actually HAVE tried recently...or at least seriously considered for more than 20 seconds. ;)

My favorite pinterest links

1. DIY Beauty Treatments. It may sound weird but washing your face with honey is so refreshing. (

2. Ten summer cocktail ideas. I'll take the Thai pepper infused tequila, please. (

3. I absolutely LOVE the idea of making your own pretty hammock to relax in the summer sun in. (

4. CRAZY about these neon and triangle wedding invites from Pitpulls and Posies. (

5. Since Will and I aren't big on leaving the comforts of our own home most nights (pathetic, I know), 30 Ideas For a Date Night at Home is a fun (and cheap!) alternative to going out. (

6. I made this roasted shrimp and orzo recipe for dinner the other night.  It has all the ingredients to compliment to a warm summer night, and it was super easy to make! (

7. These mini patron bottles are totally inspiring me to start planning my 30th birthday party.  Tequila and mexican food will be a necessity. (

8. I love everything about this bright and relaxing bohemian bedroom. I would never leave this room if it was in my home. (

9. This morning workout has been kicking my butt. But I love that I can do this in place of going to the gym when it far too crowded to endure. (

Let's pin together!