Orange County family photography // The Twitty's

I've known Amy for some time now, but had yet to meet her two little boys, Ford and Knox. To be honest, when I thought of what it would be like having only boys, I always imagined lots of fighting, running around knocking things over, and hair pulling (my own, of course). But after spending some time with these two cuties, it's safe to say that all I want is boys. Maybe Amy just got REALLY lucky with them, because they are just the sweetest and happiest little guys you will ever meet, or maybe being a mom to boys is where it's at? Either way, I loved every second of this session and I'm so happy I got to spend a little more time with the adorable Twitty family. stylish-family-portraits_0021stylish-family-portraits_0023stylish-family-portraits_0024stylish-family-portraits_0025stylish-family-portraits_0027stylish-family-portraits_0028stylish-family-portraits_0029stylish-family-portraits_0030stylish-family-portraits_0031stylish-family-portraits_0032stylish-family-portraits_0033stylish-family-portraits_0034stylish-family-portraits_0035