South Coast Botanic Garden Engagement Photography // Donna + Daniel

While I'm pretty sure we missed out on winter here in Southern CA (this is not a complaint), I still cannot believe that we are already in the midst of spring. However, if you still don't believe me, this garden engagement session will have you pulling out your allergy meds in no time. ;) Daniel and I were in the photography program at Orange Coast College together, and believe it or not, we endured some pretty traumatic experiences together there. If you've ever tried cutting a window out of mount board or loading a sheet of 4x5 film in the dark, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Needless to say, when he connected with me to photograph his wedding after all these years, it made it all seem worth it. The first time I met Donna, I knew we were all going to have a good time together. That's exactly what this engagement session was: a good time.

I should also mention, today is Donna's 30TH BIRTHDAY. Happy dirty 30, Donna! :D

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