Pregnancy // 21 weeks

Holy moly, how did we get here so fast?! Already half way through this journey and wondering where the heck this belly came from. I must confess, I've been really terrible at documenting this pregnancy. Don't let these photos fool you, I just happened to get dolled up for a girl's night out (I don't normally look this put together) and took advantage of the moment by making my friend Kaysha snap a few photos of me. My REAL "bump style" has consisted of lots of cotton t-shirts, stretchy pants, a top-knot, and no makeup - but nobody wants to see that. ;) I gotta say, I think I've finally hit the "honeymoon" stage of this pregnancy *knocks on wood*. Gone is the sickness and food aversions and hello to eating EVERYTHING in sight. This baby girl kicks me about 900 times a day and I'm loving every minute of it. She's quite the active thing and I wouldn't be surprised if she came out being my little personality clone. I haven't had the dreaded nighttime heartburn yet, or anything too terrible to speak of, but I'm certainly not in the clear yet. I still have another 19(ish) weeks to go to experience all of that fun stuff. So right now I'm trying to enjoy this time. Still fitting into (some) of my clothes, not feeling like a beached whale, and being fairly mobile.


Here is our girl's adorable little profile from our 20 week anatomy scan. I swear she looks exactly like my husband here. But it's highly possible I'm imaging things.


Can't wait to see her little face in person! xo