Santa Monica Elopement // Carlaine + Lee

Sometimes meeting a couple for the first time resembles something like a first date. You always hope you will have that certain "chemistry" at that initial meeting, and if you're lucky enough to experience it, it happens right away. Whether they've just cracked the most perfect joke of all time, or you have a billion and one things in common, when that moment does happen, it's like all the stars aligned and you were meant to be...their wedding photographer that is. This moment happened with Carlaine and Lee. From over 5,000 miles away on a Skype video chat. Carlaine and Lee did not adhere to typical wedding standards. Living in the UK, their plan was to come to the states on holiday and elope in the backyard of their rental home with only Carlaine's parents, a photographer, an officiant, and a guitar player there to witness. It was the most beautiful, simple, heartfelt, no fuss, love-filled wedding I have yet to photograph. It was a simple celebration of two people and their love for each all weddings should be.

By the end of our time together, I was truly sad to see Carlaine and Lee head back to England, and even considered stowing away in their luggage. However, once the crazy ideas subsided, I was just grateful I got to meet them and so happy for them and their sure-to-be ridiculously adorable future together. Even though they are 5,000 miles away, I know we will always share the memories of their sweet wedding day and hopefully they will send me photos of their furry babies for many years to come. :)