Colorful Rustic Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding // Amanda + Kevin

All weddings are beautiful in their own special way, but sometimes a wedding comes along that just completely blows my socks off. Amanda and Kevin's wedding just happened to be one of those. Every little detail was complete perfection. With with the creamy light and tones of the beautiful San Luis Obispo valley, colorful florals by Aprils Flowers, flawless coordination by Lavender Grey Events, and backdrop like Santa Margarita Ranch, you just can't go wrong. But most importantly, a bride and groom who are just crazy about each other and beautiful inside and out made it a wedding straight out of a photographer's wet dream. ;) A few (more) awesome things to note: Kevin plays for the Toronto Blue Jays in the MLB, so naturally they had to incorporate some adorable homages to the sport such as the bench made of all of his past baseball bats (made by Amanda's dad). Amanda and her dad also made the amazing "love" marquee sign as well as many of the cute signs used on the day. Gotta love a bride who knows her way around a hot glue gun. ;)

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