Engagement Photo Tips


Your love put a ring on it and you are ready to broadcast it to the world! I. Am. In. Let's make magic together and take some great engagement photos! In my opinion, the biggest reason to splurge on having professional engagement photos taken is to document the memory and the moment. Photos last a lifetime and it's awesome to look back on this special time together. Engagement photos also make great gifts for family members, can be incorporated into your wedding invite or reception decor and it's the perfect opportunity to test drive your wedding photographer.

Taking engagement photos also gives me a chance to get to know the happy couple more and learn about their upcoming nuptials. So, it's a #WinWin.


Couples are often more nervous about their engagement photo session than they are posing for photos on their wedding day. I get it. On your wedding day, you're surrounded by a lot of people, in a beautiful setting and there is so much emotion involved. It's easy to let it all pour out when these things come into play.

Engagement photos are different since it's typically just you and your fiancé. Plus, if you're not super comfortable in front of the camera, it can feel a bit...well....awkward.

So here are 5 of my best tips for engagement photo sessions. I hope they help you feel more confident and comfortable...because you really shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to tell the world the big news through beautiful photos :)

Tip #1: Location makes all the difference. Long gone are the days of going to a photographer's studio and sitting in front of a carpeted backdrop. Let's meet at your favorite beach, or the location of your first date, or even the home you share together. Nothing is sexier than capturing your everyday love in your everyday setting.

Tip #2:  Keep it simple. While I love me a rad styled shoot, I find that simple outfits with a pop of color or bold print and understated accessories can really make an impression. Besides, you should be letting your love (and your bling!) take center stage in your engagement photos.

Tip #3: Act in love. Ok, this seems obvious and maybe a little condescending that I would even suggest this as a tip. BUT- people do weird things when a giant black camera comes out. This is your engagement session. Get close. Kiss. Hug. Get saucy! I can only do so much about the light, the angle, the location....really what will make these photos is the closeness you share together. So, get up in there!

Tip #4: Be willing. Couples come to their engagement shoot in one of two mindsets. Either they have no plan and just show up looking all cute. Or, they have scoured the interwebs for all sorts of engagement photo "must-have" shots and want me to replicate that. I definitely spend time getting to know my couple before the shoot, so I have a general idea of their style and wants. But, being the creative I am, once we are on location my wheels start spinning a bit. So, be willing to follow me up (or down) the hill, climb a tree or try some unique pose to capture the prettiest light. This can often result in the best photos of the session! Trust me.

Tip #5: Be yourself. When I'm photographing a couple, it's not uncommon for one person to be more comfortable in front of the camera than the other. Remember, your engagement photos are highlighting YOU and YOUR love. Don't worry about imitating a great photo you saw on Pinterest and certainly don't worry about impressing me. Forget I'm even there. Try to interact as you would if no one else is around. This will result in photos that are not only beautiful but are 100% you.

So there you have it. My two cents. Well, ok, my five cents. I sure hope this helps if you are in the midst of planning your engagement photo session. And, if you're looking for a photographer to capture your love and upcoming nuptials, and you're in the LA or OC area, I'm your girl! Holla at me on Facebook or Instagram!