Series post: Styling your photography session // maternity bump tips


There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. However, as a once pregnant mama, we can sometimes feel a little 'meh' about how our body transitions over the course of 9 months. Also, it's technically 10 months, but who's counting..... Lest I digress. 

Maternity photography shoots are quickly become the new norm. It's a great way to commemorate this fun time in your life. And you definitely should. That bump is beautiful, girl! A lot of mamas-to-be email me before their shoot fretting about what to wear. It can be kind of tricky to dress up a baby bump. Things fit differently now, some patterns are less than flattering and, most importantly, you need to feel comfortable.

I have compiled my 5 best wardrobe tips for you and I hope they will help make you feel beautiful and confident for your photos. Besides, there's no other way you should be feeling right now (or ever).

los-angeles-maternity-photos_0001Tip #1: Choose a color palette you feel represents you and makes you feel gorgeous. Being pregnant can make a woman feel pretty brave. Mama bear mode kicks in and such. However, straying from your comfort zone of colors that you know you love and wear well might not be the best choice for your maternity photos. One complaint I often hear from my clients is that they just "don't feel like themselves". So, choosing a color palette you love will help bring some normalcy back into the equation.

Tip #2: Don't underestimate the power of a maxi dress. I was so pumped when these  dresses came back in style. For one, they are just uber comfortable (duh). For two, they are so flattering on a soon-to-be-mama figure. I lived in them when I was pregnant with Ruby. I'm loving the black background and simple floral print of the dress my client chose in the photo above. And, the off-the-shoulder neckline really added the perfect amount of sass.

Tip #3: A belt can be a great accessory to show off your bump (and the fact that you actually do still have a waistline). Pregnancy definitely changes a woman's shape. As it should. I mean, you've got an actual human being growing in your abdomen (still blows my mind). A belt can be a nice way to, err, separate the area between your belly and your swelling boobs. Never a bad thing in my opinion.

Tip #4: Solid colors with an interesting texture work really well. As much as I love a fun, bold print, I think solid colors can work really nicely for a maternity shoot. Adding a texture can bring in some interest. Think lace, linen or even chiffon.

Tip #5: Go classic. We've all seen those pictures in our parents or grandparents home. We think, "why in the world did they choose THAT to wear to their family photos?". Choosing a classic outfit and avoiding hot trends will help you avoid the same pitfalls. A styled shoot is always fun and I love me a bare baby belly shot-- but really, your maternity photos should reflect you and who you are everyday. Classic is always a great choice.

There you have it. My thoughts on styling your maternity photo shoot. If you're ready to book a session, I would be happy to talk to you more about outfit options (and all-things-baby just for fun). Shoot me over an email today!