Cozy In-home Toluca Lake Newborn Lifestyle Photos // Atwood family

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Cozy In-home Toluca Lake Newborn Lifestyle Photos

Atwood family

This sweet family invited me into their home in Toluca Lake to photograph them for the first time as a family of four. When they told me their goal for the session was the keep it cozy and relaxed, I was like YAS. Relaxed and cozy is precisely my jam.

Justin, Harmony, Evie, and their new baby girl Gwenie, seemed so at ease and comfortable as a family of four. I can tell they've handled the transition like a bunch of bosses. I mean, they made it look so easy - it kiiiiiind of made me want another babe. KIND OF. 

Big Sissy Evie, stole the whole show with her killer smile and sweet way with her new baby Gwenie. What a perfect little helper for Mama. She pretty much became my instant BFF when she started eating crackers with butter. That's a girl after my own heart!

As a photographer and blogger, I should say things like "and Evie was so well behaved". But you guys, I do not lie. That little girl was the sweetest, most well-behaved toddler I've ever photographed. My own babe included (sorry, Ruby!).  

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