I'm officially cool (for real this time)!!!

*EDIT* So my first attempt at blogging was a complete and utter failure.  I chose a temporary template that completely bugged my blog.  This time, I am sticking with the good ole' fashion default template until I save up enough pennies to purchase a custom template [hopefully soon?].  But after all of that, I'm still not discouraged.  This blog will happen! So-help-me-God! This is the very first post of my very first blog [well kind of].  After many attempts with a few other [unmentionable] blog sites, this is the one that I have finally settled on!  As I’m sure you can see, the look of this blog is a little bit odd.  There’s definitely some awkward things going on that I’m not really sure how to fix. Eventually I will be able to customize it to my style and fix any weirdness, but for now, I shall simply write and be happy.  No more, no less [well, maybe a little more].  ;)

This year has a lot in store for me.  I’m getting married to the greatest guy in the world in six months, and graduating from college in only one month! Wow, I just realized how fast the time is sneaking up on me!  With all the craziness of life, I’m also trying to make a name for myself in the wonderful world of wedding photography.  I’m so lucky to be interning with the AMAZINGLY talented Becker, co-founder of the[b]school and wedding photographer extraordinaire, and I’ve had a ton of amazing schooling in my day….but the truth is, I’m really dying to get out there and start photographing some weddings!

All in due time I guess.  I’m a work in progress…and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

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