Today was a very exciting day for me! I finally purchased my wedding dress, and it was a long time coming! When I first thought about the type of wedding dress that I wanted, I knew I wanted it to be inexpensive, casual, and simple. Just like me.  Okay maybe not the inexpensive part. ;)  Even though I was excited about shopping for a dress, I never really got what the whole wedding dress fever was about.

At the beginning of my search, I was eager to pick something that was just "pretty."  I didn't really have the slightest clue as to what "the dress" was really all about.  After a premature purchase (or two) at a trunk show early in my engagement, I soon began to question if the dresses(s) I bought (at a really amazing deal, mind you) were really a reflection of me.  Later on, as the freshly engaged buzz started to wear off (and I did a little research on different styles and fits) I decided to try on the dresses that I bought again.

However, before going into this I knew that I had to remember these three things: 1. Is this the dress I want to see myself in when I look back on my wedding photos in 20 years? 2. What does this dress say about me? And 3. Am I just settling for a pretty dress because the price is right, or am I choosing the dress that is right for me?

After trying on the dresses again, and fighting back and forth with myself, I decided I wanted a dress that really spoke to me and those dresses just didn't do the job.  Lets face it ladies, there are some things in a wedding you just can't sacrifice.  For me, those things happen to be the photography and the dress.  Everything else is negotiable.

I'm not sayin you can't put a price tag on beauty, because believe me, you can...I just wanted to find a dress that had everything I wanted with a price within my budget.  And I think I was definitely able to accomplish that with this dress:

(The dress is by Jenny Yoo and the fabric is an ivory chiffon)

As you can see, there isn't much "bling" or foofiness (is that even a word?) to this dress.  That's exactly why I love it!  When I put it on for the very first time, I knew it was meant for me.  It's flowy and organic; a bit of a free-spirit yet it's fitted where it needs to be.  It's casual and classic, delicate but earthy at the same time.  It's incredibly comfortable and not over-the-top feminine, while still being fun and girly.

To anyone out there just seeing it in the above photo and  thinking that it's nothing special...that may be true to you.  But to me, it's special alright.  And as of today, it's officially mine! :)