I hate goodbyes.

I knew going in that I would eventually have to say goodbye.  But I never expected to take it so hard. Today was my final day at my photography internship with Becker.

As I walked down the driveway of the "[b] pad," I turned around for one last glance.  At that moment a wave of emotions came over me.  First there was sadness.  Sadness that I was ending a relationship with 3 wonderful people that I had really come to adore and admire.  Then there was happiness.  Happy that I was able to have such a fullfilling experience during my time there.  I learned so much about the world of professional photography.  Not the stuff you learn in school, but the stuff of real life.  The type of information that I will be able to carry with me in my photography career.  After the happiness wore off, I felt a little lost.  Where do I go from here? I'm a college graduate and pretty much jobless...now what?  I no longer have the responsibility of school, and after today I am no longer needed at my internship. Then after feeling lost, I felt what any normal person would feel...scared.  "It's now up to me to get my ish together and begin the career I've always dreamed of.  But where do I start?"

Back to sadness.

I hate saying goodbye.  It's the most awkward, painful, and frustrating feeling ever! One minute you have people in your life then POOF! They're gone.  You have nothing but good intentions when you utter those words, "I promise to keep in touch." But everyone knows life gets in the way.  Not because you want it to, or you didn't mean what you said, but because that's life.  And sometimes life just sucks that way.

I would just like to say that regardless of how much they loved or even hated having me around...I truly enjoyed my time with you guys. I just want to say a few words without getting all sappy and emotional.  And the great thing about a blog is even if I do go there, nobody will ever know about it. ;)

Becker- you are an awesome mentor! You always made me feel welcomed in your home and you really are a big teddy bear. Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to help an eager young student such as myself.  You didn't just use me to benefit your business, you took the time to engage with me and share your knowledge.  You genuinely seemed to care.  I truly enjoyed all the laughs we shared. Even if I was just the intern, I hope you don't forget about me.  I certainly wont forget about you and all of the fruitful insight you provided me with.  I promise to read every book you gave me, and do my best to put those seeds of wisdom you planted in me to good use.

Kat- You'll never read this but even so, you made my first awkward days there more comfortable than they probably should've been. I so enjoyed our chats and all of your fantastic wedding advice!  You are such a sweet and beautiful person inside and out.  No wonder Becker has kept you around so long!  You are the woman who works it all behind the scenes, and you look hot doing it! Slacking off...I mean, working with you was always so much fun. ;) I'm holding you to your offer of helping me with wedding projects.

Gina- You are an AMAZING woman! I know you'll be reading this, because you one of the best blog stalkers I know! You WILL succeed at photography because everyone who knows you knows that it is your passion! And I love that about you! You do everything with such a humble and kind heart.  And you are freaking awesome at photoshop!! MAD RESPECT!!!!  I know we will keep in touch because I will be stalking your tweets and blog therefore you don't really have much of a choice. SO THERE!

I couldn't feel anymore blessed for the amazing opportunity I was given.  Not many can say they were Becker's intern. I can only hope that one day this little intern will make you all proud.