Check me out!!!

I am fully aware how bad of a blogger I have been during the last couple of weeks.  But regardless of how busy I have been or whatever lame excuse I would normally give, it's really unacceptable and I promise to be a better blogger from here on out!! :D  I do have lots of exciting posts lined up and I can't wait to share all the goodness with ya'll.  But for now I'm sure you may have noticed the new photo of me on my header!  I am SUPER excited to post these incredible images of yours truly that my very close friend and fellow photographer (not to mention bridesmaid) recently took of me. We decided to do a little trade and take each other's photos because well, that's what we do! Kaysha is amazingly talented and lucky me I was able to get in front her lens and experience her perspective of me.  And I have to say...I've never looked better!!! :)

How great is this tunnel shot??

The sweet and innocent version of me that not very many people get the pleasure of meeting.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these next two!!!

To see more of the talented Miss Kaysha Weiner's work, check out her blog!

Thanks again Kaysh, you did such a fantastic job!!! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderfully talented friend!  We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Can't wait to post some of the photos I took of you!