Me & Pink. How I've always despised the color. Yet, here I am using it as a background color to some of my most personal thoughts. Allow me to explain: The stereotype of the color pink has always been seen as "girlie", "weak" and "emasculating." Especially to me. Every time I am given the choice, I almost always turn my nose up at the color and go with a more androgynous palette, like green or yellow. It's like I am ashamed to be associated with such a conventionally "weak (aka feminine)" color. But the honest truth is, no matter how much I try to fight it, I AM pink. I am emotional, feminine, soft, and nurturing; however, I am afraid to show that side of myself to people, as to not seem weak and insecure. My hope for this New Year (yes, starting in Feb., it's never too late to work on yourself) is that I can show more of my "pink" side. I guess I could say that's part of the reason why I chose "pink" for my new blog background. As dorky as it sounds, this background is a reminder for me to embrace my true colors, especially on this blog. I want to write more for myself this year, without worrying about how the people reading (if anybody) will judge me. Yes, pink is feminine and soft...but at the same time it is strong, confident, and bright. It's not afraid to stand out against its neutral neighbors. So here's to more pink in my life in 2011.

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