Bathtime & gearing up for a busy summer.

The summer is fast approaching, and yes, it's my favorite season of them all.  Not only because it's wedding season and it's one of the only seasons we actually experience here in Southern California, but it also means warm days, picnic lunches, late evening walks with Suki and the hubby, yogurtland date nights, bbq's with friends and family, mini vacations to San Diego and Santa Barbara, bike rides to the beach, and friend's weddings where I actually get to relax and just be a guest. Ahhhhh. So in light of a busy next couple of months with lots of upcoming wedding posts, I give you a little something to preface the summer with. Suki hates bathtime. And she also hates it when I take her photo.  So you can imagine the complete and utter distain for me in this moment. But of course, I just couldn't help myself.

Until next time, happy Thursday, and happy summer!!! :)