The Weekly Collective: A cocktail contest & some big news!!!

I have to say, this week has been quite eventful.  I've realized that I almost always function better when I have a full schedule.  Right now I have reached a happy medium between being overworked and not having enough work. But all that may change as of this week. More on that later... This week I spent a couple of days at the pool, and even went for a late afternoon hike in Peters Canyon with my good friend Kaysha.  Peters Canyon is one of my favorite places to hike because you can be as hardcore as you want by running or taking the hilly trails, or if you just feel like taking in the beautiful scenery, you can opt for the more leisurely trails. We did a little of both.

{Peters Canyon Regional Park}

Later on in the week I attended the wedding rehearsal of Jackie and Josh, a couple whose wedding we were photographing the next day.  The rehearsal (and wedding) were both at the Fullerton Arboretum, and after the rehearsal Kaysha and I scouted the grounds for good shooting locations for the wedding.  Of course, like any professional photographers, we played around and took some silly/cute photos of each other  during the process. These happened to be my favorites.  That facial expression on the right is my best Zoolander "blue steel" impression.  I never said I was photogenic.


Lately, during weekends when I'm not busy shooting weddings, my husband and I have been spending our free time at home instead of going out.  We like to come up with tasty recipes, cook outside on the grill, and create our own drink concoctions.  We always compete as bartenders, and even though he actually worked as one for several years, that means absolutely nothing to me because I am extremely competitive. :) This weekend, we had some fresh mangos that needed to be used so we both built cocktails using a fresh mango puree that Will whipped up in the blender super fast. SO yummy!

Here's mine:

A fresh mango margarita...

{I like to keep my drinks simple yet delicious. I never measure ingredients, I just eyeball it or use counts with liquor}

Approximately 2 tbsp. of fresh mango puree (per drink),

1/4 cup Trader Joes sweet and sour mix (in my opionon the BEST store bought mix out there),

fresh juice from half a lime,

clear tequila (your preference),

use shaker to mix ingredients, pour and garnish with a strawberry :)

Here's his:

A fresh mango & strawberry mojito with fresh basil and mint...

For 2 drinks he uses...

The juice from one lime and one lemon

2 oz. mango puree

1 tbsp of muddled fresh basil & mint

2 fresh strawberries chopped up

4 oz. clear rum

2 oz. of soda water

Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice, and serve.

So what do you think? Which one sounds better?

And finally, the big news you were waiting for! Okay I'm just now realizing that you are probably expecting something pretty mind blowing with the way I've built it up.  But for me, it is mind blowing! This week I was hired as the official "Production Manager" for Gabriel Ryan Photographers!!!! If you haven't heard of this amazing husband and wife wedding photography team based out of Southern CA, you need to check them out! Right NOW. Not only is their work a HUGE inspiration to me and every other wedding photographer in the biz, but they are INCREDIBLE people as well! I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity and I am super excited to learn everything I possibly can from these gurus of photography.

Well, that's it for this week! Until next time, happy Monday!!!