The Weekly Collective: Catching-up.

The past couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind!  Not only did I get tons of work done in the span of five days (Mon- Fri), but we also had family in town during the week, AND we spent the past two weekends out of town. But, regardless of the non-stop action and major lack of sleep, I've enjoyed every last minute of it. Last weekend we went camping at Lake Cuyamaca (about an hour East of San Diego near Julian) with some good friends.  It was so great to get out of the busy city for a few days and just breathe in fresh air and spend time in nature hiking, fishing, and attempting to build campfires (more on that later).  Although we had a total blast, sleeping on the ground for two days REALLY makes you appreciate the comfort of home and modern technology. We had a our share of funny predicaments, such as forgetting kindling to make our fire the first night, our car car battery draining on us (twice), breaking our fishing poles in the middle of the lake, getting caught in a row-boat with unruly wind, and getting lost numerous times.  However, the worst part happened on our last night camping, it poured rain and thundered and lighting for most of the night and all we could do was lie in our tent and pray that we would stay dry until morning. Thankfully, our prayers were answered because our tent withstood the storm and not even a drop of water got inside. Looking back, all those little bumps in road made our trip even more memorable and we were lucky that we managed to stay safe, despite our less than savvy group of campers.

One thing that did bum me out was having my cheap Holga camera break on me and losing all of my film from the trip. So as far as pictures go, I can only offer this one that I took on my iPhone the night we got there... :(

{Drew & Erik hanging out by the fire that would have been non-existent if it wasn't for some friendly neighbors who let us have some of their kindling}

On our way home we stopped in Julian, an adorable little country town famously known for their homemade apple ciders and mouth-watering apple pies. Mmmmmmm, piiiiiiiie.

{Left to right: Some pretty speckled hens hanging out around town; the best apple pie this side of the CA border; a sign for all the cool little shops, restaurants and bakeries in town; a pretty little antique store with a garden pathway}

After a long weekend of camping fun, I came home to work, work and more work.  I edited my first three weddings with Gabriel Ryan Photographers, and also worked at the restaurant almost every day of the week. But everything needed to get done before Thursday so we could spend some time with Will's brother who visited us from out of town on Thursday and Friday.  Then we were heading out of town for the weekend (yet again) for a friends wedding in San Diego.  Like I said, pure madness.

The wedding was at the incredibly beautiful US Grant hotel in Downtown San Diego and since we were already staying there for the night of the wedding, we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it and stay Sunday night as well.  Will and I spent all day Sunday hanging out at Balboa Park visiting a couple of museums and eating lunch in the rose garden. Later that night we enjoyed a fantastic Italian dinner at Bencotto in Little Italy.  It was so nice to get to spend some quality time together after a very busy week.

Here's a little collage of iPhone photos I threw together from our trip to San Diego...

{Top left to right: Dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum; us at the wedding Sat.; rose garden at Balboa Park where we had lunch; bottom left: fountain at Balboa Park; cool looking orchids at the Botanical Gardens; my sweetie and I posing in front of the fountain.}

Until next week, happy Monday!!!!