Gaby + Brandon | Orange Engagement Photography

The first time Brandon laid eyes on Gaby she was covered head-to-toe in fur. Yep, you heard right. Fur boots and all. And not the sexy kind. :) Gaby is that girl. The kind who sacrifices looking hot for a good laugh and you know, shows up to a Cowboy and Indian costume party dressed as a Fur Pelter. Needless to say, Brandon was instantly drawn to her confidence, sense of humor, and mad costume designing skills. Even though she brushed him off like yesterdays newspaper after their first date, he continued to chase her. And he hasn't let go since. Smart man. It's clear why these two fell for each other, besides the fact that they are both SMOKING HOT. They both have electric personalities, loud and infectious laughs, and irresistible charm. Heck, after getting to know them, I was madly in love.

Brandon and Gaby are going to Aruba on their honeymoon. Okay, officially jealous.

Gaby and Brandon, I CANNOT WAIT for your wedding in April. If it's half as fun as you two are, it will be a fantastic party.