Staci + Josh | Snowy Big Bear Newlywed Photography

I've known Staci and Josh for many years. All the way back since our serving days at Buca di Beppo, where they first met and fell for each other.  And they weren't the only couple to come out of that restaurant. Will and I also met there. Not to mention about four or five other couples that are still going strong today. There must be something incredibly romantic about tomato ties and spaghetti marinara that I just haven't figured out yet.  Like Will and I, Staci and Josh recently decided to tie the knot! Since Josh is in the Air Force, they had a simple and sweet ceremony with just a couple of their closest friends and family at Irvine Park. However, they are also planning to have a larger wedding at the end of this year. Staci and Josh both love to snowboard, so when deciding where they wanted to do the shoot, it seemed only natural to head up to Big Bear for a snuggly snow session. :) Even after loosing Joshs' snowboard, sitting in traffic for two-and-a-half hours, and almost missing our sunlight on the mountain, these two were still all smiles and laughs as I got all up-in-their-grill with my camera. ;)

A quick switch into their snowboarding gear (which isn't easy btw) and we were off...

Staci, you are just too cute for words!

Staci and Josh, thanks for being such good sports through all the speed bumps.  And for being your naturally adorable selves. :)