Santiago Oaks engagement with lots of puppy love | Lori + Wes

Lori and Wes are the type of people who climb mountains, camp on their wedding day, and laugh in the face of danger! Muhahahaha! Okay that last one was a quote from the movie Lion King, but you get my point? They LOVE the outdoors. Another thing they love...their two cutie-pie dogs Bebe, an eighty pound nine-month-old bloodhound, and Bitsy, a sweet american bulldog. With those two awesome things combined, we came up with the perfect engagement shoot for them. Hiking with their dogs in good ole' Santiago Oaks. Knowing me, I made the major mistake of wearing my cute new Jcrew flats on the shoot while hiking. With two overly excited dogs. Did I mention we were HIKING? Needless to say, they are officially "broken in." :P I am super stoked for Lori and Wes' wedding in Santa Cruz this August. Of course it's going to be outdoors, in the redwoods, and utterly amazing. Maybe then I'll think about bringing more practical shoes?

Lori was a natural in front of the camera. Making my job 1,209,398 times easier.

Love this shot. :)

Poor little Bitsy lost one of her eyes during a camping trip. Thankfully, she never lets that stop her from being a happy-go-lucky girl. Love this perfect family photo of them.

Puppy cameo. ;)

Happy Friday!!! xoxo