Summer Inspiration: Sock-buns, mint, and coronaritas?

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. I get to bust out my flip-flops, stock up on sunscreen, and some days even work by the pool (one of the many perks of being your own boss). Of course it's also the busiest time of year for the industry I work in. Maybe I'm a total freak of nature, but I get giddy just thinking about the constant flow of work that summer in Southern California brings me. Or maybe I just really like money? ;)  Either way, a busy calendar isn't the only reason I love this time of year. There's just something about summer that brings out the best in everyone. I might be waking up to the warm sun on your face every morning, or the exciting amount of parties and BBQ's with loved ones. All I know is summer is the greatest! Here are some of the little things that are currently inspiring me/making me happy this season...

The color mint: I am absolutely obsessed with all things mint. Nails, jewelry, bags, and clothes...what can be cooler than this fresh and bright pop of color for the season?



High sock-buns: I work from home, so as you can probably assume, I don't spend much time on my hair in the mornings. In fact, changing out of my gym clothes is rare occasion. Now I can rock my no, I didn't just roll out of bed i work from home bun with pride.  And the sock-bun is my absolute FAVORITE. It takes my thin little excuse for a bun, and transforms it into a nice full cinnamon bun that's totally makes me look I'm kind of a big deal. And it takes about two minutes. In case you're wondering how it's done click here for a great tutorial (warning: this chick is a tad on the annoying side).

high bun


Coronaritas: I had a margarita themed birthday party earlier this year and we asked everyone to bring their favorite margarita to share with friends. There were so many amazing concoctions, but the definite winner was made by one of my friends and fellow photographers, Kelly. We all laugh and thought she was crazy when she said she was making margaritas with Corona.  But after tasting this fizzy, slushy and oh-so refreshing take on the classic - I refuse to drink anything else when I'm sitting by the pool. All you need is: 1 can of limeade concentrate, 2 bottles corona light beer, 2 cans of diet Sprite, 1 cup of Tequila. Mix together and VIOLA! You'll be in margarita heaven.



Summer produce: Summer means an overabundance of my favorite fruits and veggies! Peaches, watermelon, cherries, green beans, figs, blueberries...the list goes on and on! We go through so much produce in our house during the summer that we sometimes go to the market three times a week! And it's worth every penny.


summer fruits
Happy Thursday...and summer. :) xo