Wine & cheese picnic engagement | Stephanie + Joey

When we were coming up with ideas for Stephanie and Joey's engagement session, they asked me if they could include Joey's son, Ethane in the shoot. I was super excited to make this happen because I just love the idea of couples incorporating their children into their engagement photos. Even though the wedding is meant to be about the two of them and their love for each other, a big part of that day is the joining of families. What better way to showcase that then including your child in your engagement session? Of course, we also took plenty of romantic photos of just the two of them as well. ;) Another thing I love to include in engagement photos....PROPS! It's a great way to make the shoot fun and interactive, as well as making your photos display a little bit of your personalities and relationship. Stephanie and Joey enjoy sharing a bottle of wine and some yummy cheese (I mean, who doesn't?), so we ventured to one of Joey and Ethane's favorite places, Oak Canyon Nature Center, for a little wine and cheese picnic...with plenty of orange soda and fake mustaches for Ethane. :)

Fancy a game of Scrabble?

Ethane is the coolest little eight year old I've ever met. He kept us fully entertained and laughing during the entire shoot.

Stephanie and Joey, I can't wait for your wedding in October! Knowing you both, and Ethane, it will be nothing but fun and laughs! Happy Monday!! xo