Part two // Spring Engagement Photos // Lexy + Ricky

With such a short window of "spring" here in Orange County, I always get overly excited when I see some of my favorite shooting spots take on some color. Combined with a couple that is more on the adventurous side and there's some real magic to be had. Lexy and Ricky were just crazy enough to go along with my plans, as I threw them in a pile of grass and said a silent prayer for no snakes or creepy crawlers to show up and ruin the day. Worth the risk? HELL YES. anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0021anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0016anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0017anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0022anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0018anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0020anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0023anaheim-coffee-shop-engagement-photos_0024