Seven-Eleven themed Engagement Photos // Lexi + Peter

I cannot say enough times how happy it makes me when a couple thinks outside of the box for their engagement photos. Lexi and Peter did just that by showcasing a bit of their sillier sides. Coupled with their wedding date falling on 7-11, a brilliant plan was hatched to incorporate the quintessential quicky mart into their shoot. They chugged a few slurpees, and smooched between mouthfuls of squeeze cheese and ketchup, and it was pure awesomeness. Of course we couldn't forget to show a bit of their romantic side as well, finishing off the evening with a perfect sunset at the Back Bay. I have a feeling their wedding is going to be a real treat. seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0002seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0005seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0006seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0007seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0008seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0009seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0012seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0013seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0015seven-eleven-engagement-photos_0017