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RElaxed in-home family photos

Ok. I'm going to just put it out there right at the beginning. I looooooove this family. Love them so much my heart swells looking at these family photos from their relaxed in-home lifestyle session. 

Meghan, Tristan, and their two little boys Ethan and Cade (and let's not forget Buddy the dog) are utter perfection. The two-year-old (Ethan) has so much energy (evidence below) but was such a champ during our session! He had no trouble showing me the ropes around their lovely home in Long Beach, CA and you can tell he just adores his little bro, Cade. Plus- those gorgeous blonde locks on Ethan and movie star worthy hair-do on Cade had me *swooning* like only another mother can.

Meghan is truly a super mom and pretty much seemed like a pro- wrangling and loving all two of her boys fiercely. Her husband Tristan proved himself as a fun dad, and was never more than a step behind Ethan - ready to toss him in the air or chase him around the yard.

I've said it before (and I'll probably say it again) but in-home sessions are my favorite way to shoot family photos because everyone is already comfortable there. You don't have to worry about loading kids in the car and schlepping them to some random SoCal location (and hoping everyone is tear and mess free by time you get there). I'll come to you and just slyly follow you around your space, capturing all the natural memories as they are made. Perfection!